5 Things That Make Spider-Man: Homecoming AMAZING


The announcement that Spider-Man would join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) delighted fans of the webbed wonder all over the web. It was every fan’s dream come true to see their favorite neighborhood-friendly Spider-Man alongside the rest of Marvel’s superheroes. The latest iteration of Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland, stole the show in Captain America: Civil War despite his brief appearance, so when a new solo film was announced as part of the MCU, expectations were understandably high.

After being recently released a few weeks ago, Spider-Man: Homecoming proved to be a hit and could possibly be the best version of Spider-Man the world has seen on screen. Doing so was no easy feat, especially given that Sony had already done two different versions of Spider-Man across the span of multiple films. However, Marvel did many things to make Spider-Man: Homecoming stand tall among the rest of the MCU, and there are 5 things which make the film amazing.

5. A Worthy Villain

In the MCU, the major villains (aside from Loki and Zemo) either lack charisma or are poorly developed. When Vulture was announced as the main villain of Homecoming, I had my doubts and thought this film would be plagued with the same problem that plagued the majority of the films in the MCU. I mean, just look at the original Vulture in the comics – he doesn’t even look like he’s a worthy villain.


Enter Michael Keaton, who brought the character to new heights. Never before have we seen a villain so well-developed and charismatic in an MCU film. His performance is stellar and defined many key moments in Homecoming. Some would stay he stole the show, while some would even say he’s the best villain in the MCU thus far. What made everyone connect with Vulture in Homecoming is the fact that he’s also so human and relatable. If Vulture is a sign of what MCU villains will be like, we can rest assured that we’re in for a treat in the next phase of the MCU. Speaking of treats…

4. A Twisted Plot Twist


Enter Michael Keaton yet again, who is part of the most shocking plot twist in any Spider-Man or MCU film ever. Usually, plot twists are not only predictable, they are expected. However, Homecoming does it right by introducing a plot twist that is actually twisted. The moment when Adrian Toomes opened the door and said he was Liz’s father to an already-aghast Peter Parker was mind-blowing because nobody saw it coming. The plot twist works so well that it gave the “homecoming” part of the film a whole new meaning. The scene is just as powerful as the now-famous scene of Aerith’s death in Final Fantasy VII. It really is that good.

3. No Repetition of Previously Established “Norms”



When a film is remade more than once, the one thing nobody wants to see is the same thing all over again, even if minor variations are made. Fortunately, Homecoming avoids this completely. No repetition of Uncle Ben dying, as that is now common knowledge. And most surprisingly (in a good way), no Oscorp, Norman Osborn and Harry Osborn. These characters were pretty much done to death in the last two versions of Spider-Man, so it’s a breath of fresh air to see Homecoming choosing to a completely different path in terms of establishing Spider-Man’s story.

2. Iron Man Doesn’t Dominate the Film


Captain America: Civil War almost felt like a 4th Iron Man film, with how much screen time and presence Tony Stark had in the film, so when the character was slated to feature in Homecoming, it raised some concern. Fortunately, Iron Man’s appearance in Homecoming is minimal and he gives space to Peter Parker to really grow. Tom Holland’s performance really shines throughout the film, but what’s most interesting is that even in scenes together with Robert Downey Jr and Michael Keaton, both charismatic actors in their own right, Tom Holland really manages to hold his own.

  1. No Annoying Love Obsession


Tobey Maguire’s version of Spider-Man seemed like a lovesick puppy who was heads-over-heels for MJ who wasn’t even an interesting character in the original trilogy, while Andrew Garfield made Peter Parker seem like an obsessive, troubled lover in his relationship with Gwen Stacy. However, Tom Holland really knows how to keep things cool and not make infatuation becoming annoying. Unlike the previous two iterations where it’s hard to relate to why Peter Parker likes MJ or Gwen Stacy, in Homecoming, we can totally get why he likes Liz, and we can totally understand why he later becomes so conflicted after the revelation that Liz’s father is Adrian Toomes/Vulture. Most importantly, it doesn’t feel cringey or annoying, at all. And that’s good, because that makes us love Spider-Man even more.

Overall, Spider-Man: Homecoming is one of those few films that is just really good. The film sets a high standard for the MCU, and if Marvel were to keep up with these standards or go beyond that, the MCU is bound to dominate. After all, the webs which have been laid have already set things in place.


2 thoughts on “5 Things That Make Spider-Man: Homecoming AMAZING

  1. First things first, I’m a hugeeee Spiderman fan and that includes the movies
    I read the comics a lot
    He is my all time favourite superhero after all XD
    In my opinion, homecoming is by far the best iteration of the web-slinger from the comics! He was witty, lovable and smart!
    And I don’t mean book-smart or study-smart. Well he still is – but what I meant by smart is that he actually thinks rationally at times!
    The past films – especially Andrew’s Spiderman shows Peter actually showing off his newfound power
    And it always bothered me.
    He humiliates Flash Thompson aka the big bad jock bully who beats him up. Should I mention how he did it in front of crowd and also break the basketball hoop. Really?
    Tom’s iteration did a really matured decision right then and there when he said this quote to Tony Stark in Civil War
    “If I can’t do it then, I shouldn’t do it now”
    However! Homecoming still showed a different side to Peter ..And it kinda makes my previous points bit redundant but still…Anyways –
    He’s still a kid! We can see that he is a kid who’s overly excited to be Spiderman
    Let’s be honest here…If you’re a kid who can stop a bus with his bare hands and sling your way across the city – stopping bad guys and just being super! Who would want to be this boring old Peter who has to worry about class and grades.
    I really liked how this movie depicted that feeling

    I have some comments on the other characters in this film but that would be way too long 😅

    So I’ll just briefly talk about the vulture
    He’s awesome and very charismatic! Throughout the film, he didn’t even raise his voice and he’s still so damn intimidating! That twist was really fresh! I didn’t expect that..And I was so flabbergasted. Tbh, my first reaction was not that Mr. Toomes is Liz’s father…But rather
    “The vulture knows Peter!?” And then I realised…He didn’t wear his leather jacket…So the impact of the father thing was dampened a bit 😅. Nonetheless, that twist was splendid

    Love interest in this film is lovely. It is a depiction of normal mundane highschool crush. I like how they didn’t push the romance bit. There wasn’t even a single kissing scene! And that makes me happy cause they’re not focusing too much on this love. Liz is a great character and yes I agree, we can see and understand why Peter likes her.

    Another thing why I like this film is because of Karen. The suit was splendid in its own way and I like how they could expand on that suit in future films! To be frank, I was weirded out by how human Karen seems to be..Like seriously! Even Jarvis and Friday are robotic. But! The best part of Karen is that it gives Peter someone to talk to during his hours as Spiderman. Spiderman in the comic talks a lot and somehow doesn’t seem to feel awkward or annoying. He also talks to himself..A lot. Hence, having Karen makes it seem less awkward and fundamentally more Spidey!
    Toby’s iteration was yes a love sick puppy and kinda emo as Spiderman. So it doesn’t feel like it’s Spiderman from the comics
    Andrew’s iteration tried to fix that by making him tell jokes and talks to his adversaries more. But to me…It all comes down to the image that he is a douche 😅. He didn’t say witty jokes but rather humiliates and makes fun of the villains.
    Tom’s iteration was a perfect blend. Definitely the best Spiderman and the best Peter that appeared on Screen.
    I’m getting off-topic…Whoops Xd

    All in all, it was a fantastic film and I really enjoyed. There are flaws no doubt. One of them being the background music…Like during that “riding up” moment for Spiderman….The soundtrack was kinda off and doesn’t really give me a “Hell Yeah!!” Moment to be honest.
    I’ll stop now


    1. Wow, that is a very long comment! It’s practically a review on its own, why not try doing your own movie reviews some day?

      I have to agree with you – Tom’s iteration is definitely the most mature of the three. Which is crazy, given the fact he’s still a kid here! And yeah, Michael Keaton is totally intimidating and rules in this film.

      Now that you mention it, yeah, Karen’s role is like the underdog in the whole film – it seems like a hint as to how future AIs in the MCU would be, plus she acts as the perfect foil to Spidey’s rather lone ranger persona.

      About the background music, I guess that’s because of the deal they made with Sony, since the soundtrack is from Sony Records, if I’m not mistaken!


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